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The summer in Maishofen

Pure nature experience

Begin your holiday in Austria with a guided hike, roaming between mighty peaks and gentle alpine pastures. Treat yourself to a hearty country snack and a shot of Schnaps once your hike is under your belt, a great opportunity to pause to truly enjoy the tranquility and pure air in the mountains.

cycling fun in Maishofen

In Maishofen, there are flat, low-traffic bike routes within town, which are particularly well-suited for families with children. Biking in the Innergebirg region is not only about mountain biking, it also means cycling fun for the whole family. Discover the sights and attractions of the region by bike, instead of passing them by in a car.

All routes are well sign-posted, with many refreshment and rest opportunities along the way. Biking maps, which are available at the tourist office, give information about all destinations and routes.

Excursions & Attractions

Maishofen’s fresh mountain air entices every visitor to head out and explore nature. The diverse sightseeing opportunities close by promise fascination for young and old, and never fail to touch everyone’s heart in some way. Discover for yourself the moving impressions of the magnificent Maishofen region.

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